Truck crash causes domino effect on Kentucky highway

Trucks are the biggest and most dangerous vehicles on the road. A fully loaded semi-truck is easily 25 times larger standard sedans. The size coupled with the speeds on interstates makes for a dangerous mixture of velocity and mass. This is reportedly what occurred on the I-71 Southbound.

A semi-truck is said to have crashed into four cars on the interstate in the morning. This was followed by another accident farther north involving three cars and which was followed by another crash involving three more cars. There is no way to know this early on if the three pileups are related; however, it is clear that a single semi-truck collided into four passenger vehicles.

Generally, truck drivers exercise caution when operating their vehicles; however, due to the sheer size of their trucks and physics they cannot help but produce dangerous and occasionally fatal car crashes. Luckily, the accident on the I-71 SB, although serious, did not result in any fatal injuries.

But the fact is that multivehicle truck accidents can leave victims with very serious injuries. In some cases, a victim may require extensive, long-term treatment and rehabilitative care. In cases such as these it is useful to consult an attorney experienced in investigating the causes of personal injury and car wrecks.

Be aware of complicated cases such as these. Trucks result in an out-sized amount of fatal car wrecks and many of these resulted in multiple car pileups. Don't forego your rights to compensation because the case was too complicated. A skilled attorney can parse through the facts, witness statements and law to arrive at an actionable claim.

Source: WHAS 11, "I-71 SB now open between I-265 to Watterson Expressway after multiple crash," Brooker Haas, Oct. 29, 2015

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