Speed limit lowered on dozens of Lexington streets

An inherent part of driving is the implicit trust that drivers place in one another. All drivers know that cars wait at red lights and go on green lights. Every driver expects cars to at least slow down at stop signs. This expectation is a little fuzzier when it comes to speed. Drivers expect cars around them to drive with the speed of traffic, whether that is faster or slower than the speed limit depends on the road. Sometimes it is slower, like on a highway during rush hour and sometimes it is faster, like on the same stretch of highway late at night.

The Lexington Urban County Council voted and passed a measure to reduce the speed limit on some pedestrian-heavy downtown Lexington roads to 25 from 35 miles per hour. The proposal will now advance to the City Counsel for a vote later this year. The Council stated it is meant to improve pedestrian safety in the downtown neighborhoods. The measure has wide support from community groups, the police and government safety experts. If passed into law, the measure would alter the duties that drivers owe pedestrians and other motorists while traveling on the streets designated for the change.

Kentucky is a no-fault insurance state. This means that if you are involved in a car accident, you will typically recover from your own insurer. You will follow your insurer's own protocols on submitting reports and complying with deadlines to fix your car and pay any possible medical bills. In addition, you may wish to speak to an attorney to clarify your car insurance policy requirements and limits. Speed limits inform drivers on what the safe speed is to travel on a roadway and what to expect from fellow drivers.

If you are driving down a street, obeying the speed limit and someone else is not and hits you, then that person is liable for negligence. That other driver failed to drive in a reasonable manner, as established by the speed limit reduction, which resulted in your injury. In such a case, you may wish to meet with an attorney to discuss your case and your rights. The attorney could advise you on how to best pursue compensation for your injuries.

Source: Lexington Herald Ledger, "Speed limits on dozens of downtown Lexington streets could lower from 35 to 25," Beth Musgrave, Nov. 17, 2015

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