How is fault determined in a motorcycle accident?

In Kentucky, motorcyclists are injured on the roads with alarming frequency. However, this is not unique to the area, but a situation that affects people throughout the United States. Unfortunately, all too many road users forget to look out for motorcyclists or simply drive erratically or irresponsibly. Sadly, when they make a mistake, other road users are put at risk and it is often motorcyclists who suffer the most as a consequence.

Lacking the protection that car drivers have, motorcyclists are often seriously injured in a crash, breaking bones, suffering head injuries and even being left with permanent disabilities. To make things worse, insurance companies do not always pay out as much as they should to the victims of these accidents.

As is the case with most road accidents, liability is determined based on a number of factors. These can include the speeds at which the drivers involved were traveling, whether any of them were intoxicated and whether anyone was disregarding the rules of the road.

Another matter that can be important is positioning at the time of the accident. For example, as this article on personal injury explains, if you are involved in a crash with a car that was in the process of turning left and into your path, in most cases the car will be deemed to be at fault.

Of course, every case is different and motorcyclists are all too often undercompensated for their injuries in accidents that were not their fault. An attorney could be an invaluable ally during this difficult time, as he or she may be able to help you ensure a thorough examination of your case and assist you in pursuing the justice and remuneration you deserve.

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