Can you make a wrongful death claim after a car accident?

When people drive irresponsibly in Kentucky, everyone else on the road is put at risk. While you may be a diligent and careful driver, if someone else is acting erratically, you may not have time to react if they make a mistake. Unfortunately, even though you may have no responsibility for the accident, you could still be seriously injured and your vehicle could be badly damaged.

Sadly, this happens all too often. Worse still, many victims of such accidents do not survive. As a result, friends and family are left with a sudden void in their lives. Many want answers, but do not know what they can do or where they can turn. Some may consider taking legal action, but the process may seem like a lot to undertake while grieving.

If you are involved in such an accident, any evidence you can preserve may be beneficial if you later decide to make a claim. This should include contact details for any witnesses, the details of other drivers involved and photographs of the scene if possible. If you have any injuries, seek medical attention as soon as possible as the record of this may also back up your claim.

If you lose a loved one in a crash, you might also decide to make a wrongful death claim, as this article on fatal motor vehicle accidents explains. An attorney can advise you about the process and might be able to assist you with making your claim. Do not be deterred by the legal procedures involved as you do not need to navigate through them alone.

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