Massive truck accident kills 2

It is no secret that truck accidents can be devastating. Sadly, these incidents are not uncommon on the roads of Kentucky and when they occur the toll is often high. Drivers may be fatigued, driving unfamiliar roads or dealing with unfavorable weather conditions. On top of all this, if something goes wrong, it can be hard for a truck driver to evade the problem and avoid a crash.

One afternoon in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, a tragic accident occurred in which one car and six tractor-trailers became embroiled. The resultant crash closed the road for over nine hours while emergency responders and cleanup crews attended the scene. One driver went to the hospital with minor injuries, while two other drivers were killed in the crash. One of these victims is said to have been driving a FedEx truck that caught fire in the impact.

The reason the crash occurred has yet to be determined, but authorities are continuing to investigate. It is believed that it may have been related to the fact that traffic had slowed down due to entering a construction zone. Congestion caused by the crash led several other road users to reconsider their routes or even seek out hotels while they waited for the road to clear.

Accidents like this one are all too common and the victims often have their lives turned upside down. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be more concerned about your recovery than taking legal action. Even so, an attorney may be able to advise you and offer guidance if you decide to make a claim against those responsible.

Source: Lex18, "2 Dead, I-75 Closed In Rockcastle After Multi-Vehicle Crash," May 19, 2015

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