Louisville Teenagers Lose Lives in Freeway Automobile Collision

Taking care of our vehicles is the responsibility of car owners in not only Kentucky, but world- wide. We take pains to follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding oil changes, tuneups, replacement of brake pads, transmission fluid and many other tasks essential to keeping our cars and trucks in tip-top condition.

One of the most essential parts of our vehicles, of course, are the tires. Keeping them properly inflated, rotated, aligned and inspecting them on a regular basis for cracks, bulges or any other type of damage that can occur as we drive is imperative for mileage and, most importantly, safety.

Sometimes, as much as we all strive to keep our vehicles safe, circumstances beyond our control can intrude upon that careful schedule of maintenance. Tires, specifically, can be subject to a variety of issues. According to Consumer Watch, subpar manufacturing or use of inferior materials can lead to tread separation, often resulting in the horror of a tire blow out. If this occurs, it is almost impossible to steer, and the driver can lose control of their vehicle as what happened recently to a young driver in Louisville. His car allegedly crossed the median and tragically collided with a second car, resulting in three fatalities and one serious injury.

The loss of life and damage that can occur during such a catastrophe can seem insurmountable to families as funeral expenses, mental suffering and a nebulous future take their toll. Negligent manufacturing should never leave a family devastated and in financial ruin.

Source: Wave 3 News, "Three Students Killed After 2-Car Crash on Snyder

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