Driver fatigue can kill

If you are a regular driver in Kentucky, you may have already noticed the large number of trucks on the roads. In fact, these vehicles are such a common sight throughout the United States that many drivers forget just how dangerous they can be to share the road with. Of course, as long as the truck driver is diligent and responsible, everything should be fine. However, the slightest mistake can lead to widespread tragedy.

Unfortunately, there are all too many ways in which this can occur. For example, truck drivers often have to travel extremely long distances with only limited breaks. Overly tight scheduling on the part of the companies they work for can even push drivers to take less rest than they are legally required to have. This means they may be fatigued, slow to react and ultimately far more prone to being involved in an accident.

The biggest concern with this is that truck accidents can easily result in damage to multiple vehicles, especially if the truck in question was carrying a particularly heavy or hazardous load. As this article on truck crashes explains, another factor may be that the driver has been inadequately trained, leaving him or her unable to handle the vehicle's load effectively.

Whatever the case, if you have been in an accident involving a truck, you may be wondering where to turn. Fortunately, an attorney may be able to provide the advice and support you need. He or she will be able to assess the specifics of your situation and might be able to help you if you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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