A split second can destroy a family and a future

Talking on a cellphone, texting, applying makeup, sipping coffee, these and many other actions can result in a wrongful death.

The darkest moment in a family's life is inarguably the loss of a loved one. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional implications, but sudden financial obligations, such as funeral expenses and lost wages, come crashing down when you're most vulnerable. What can make your new circumstance even more tragic is the knowledge or suspicion that the death could have been prevented. 

Someone else's negligence or oversight should not be permitted to result in the monetary destruction of a family here in Kentucky or anywhere. The wrongful death attorneys at the Louisville law firm T.J. Smith are here to help. We may not be able to turn back the clock, and we could never hope to heal the wound resulting from the loss of one cherished. But by pursuing a claim against those at fault, we may be able to help ensure that the future will not be plagued by fear of financial instability as well as accident related bills.

Time and time again, T.J. Smith and Associates have risen to the occasion to help families just like yours fight for compensation. Facing new tomorrows will be challenging enough without the worry of money for mortgages, car payments and college for your children or the children of your lost loved one. Let us help. With decades of experience in Kentucky, we'll always be in your corner.

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