What is involved in the reinstatement of a driver's license?

Being involved in a drunk driving accident can be devastating. You may have been driving carefully, watching the road, when another driver's actions became so erratic that you could not react in time. Next, you find yourself undergoing investigations as officers attempt to determine whether either driver was under the influence of alcohol.

If you refuse a chemical test that has been requested by an officer, you may have your license suspended. This can also if an individual is found guilty of drunk driving. However, while it is heartening to know that these irresponsible drivers should be off the road for a while, suspension is rarely permanent. Furthermore, some drivers choose to carry on using their car regardless.

In Kentucky, it is possible for drivers to appeal the decision to revoke their license, as is explained in this article about license suspension within the state. To make an appeal, they must simply request a hearing within 20 days of the mailing date on the notification of their suspension. To reinstate a suspended license, drunk drivers are required to go through an alcohol treatment or education program approved by the state.

Meanwhile, you may still be dealing with the repercussion of your accident, only to know that the driver responsible for your injuries could soon be back on the road. You may want to take legal action, both in order to seek remuneration for yourself and also to attempt to protect future road-users. An attorney may be able to help you build your case and support you as you seek justice for the harm done to you.

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