What are the penalties for driving drunk in Kentucky?

Drunk drivers put themselves and everyone sharing the road with them in great danger. No matter how in control they might believe themselves to be, alcohol is severely detrimental to an individual's reactions, concentration and ability to reason. Unfortunately, when these drivers cause an accident, it is often other people that pay the price.

If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you could face serious injury, or even be left in need of permanent care. This in turn can land you with hefty medical bills and leave you wondering how you will support your family. Even a minor accident can be deeply distressing and have a lasting effect on all concerned.

In Kentucky, the penalties for a first drunk driving offense can include a license suspension of as little as 30 days. This means that a dangerous driver could be back on the road within one month. As is explained here, the penalties increase for repeat offenses, with a minimum suspension period of two years for a third offense. However, by then, two more incidents have occurred during which others were put at risk.

It is vital to report these incidents and to make it clear to authorities if you have been injured. This can elevate the charges against the responsible party to include aggravated DUI. This can carry a heftier penalty and serve as a greater deterrent from a repeat offense. Furthermore, by declaring your injury, you may also be able to claim compensation. An attorney can advise you about your options.

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