Motorcyclists at greater risk of death than other drivers

It is an unfortunate reality that many motorcyclists will be involved in an accident at some point. Regardless of the care you take, all too many factors can come into play to cause a crash. Worse still, a motorcyclist may be considered lucky if they suffer only minor injuries. Many are not so fortunate and their accidents result in serious injuries or even death, as we saw in a recent article. Sadly, it is usually the motorcyclist who suffers most in the wake of such accidents.

Many factors can come into play in causing an accident. Motorcyclists may be inexperienced or inadequately trained, as could drivers. Bad weather, fatigue and other distractions can all make the situation even worse. In other cases, the motorcycle itself might malfunction.

Shockingly, statistics suggest that up to 80 percent of accidents in which a motorcycle is involved result in death, or at least significant injury. One particular danger is that many car drivers struggle to spot these smaller vehicles. Statistics in this article suggest that two-thirds of car drivers claimed that, if they had spotted the motorcycle at all, it had already been too late to avoid a crash.

The motorcyclist is not always at fault in these accidents and may be left with hefty medical bills and a long recovery time, if they survive at all. If you suffer an accident of this nature, you might consider seeking compensation. An attorney can help you determine whether you have a case and assist you if you decide to pursue remuneration for the harm done to you.

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