Kentucky family killed in multivehicle accident

When a road accident proves fatal, it can have a domino effect that leaves not only families, but whole communities grieving. Such was the case in Kentucky when a well-known and much-loved family was killed in a devastating crash in Tennessee. The family was involved in a fatal accident involving six vehicles and in which four other people suffered injuries.

The family, a youth pastor, along with his two teenage sons and their mother, have since been grieved for publicly via social media. The youth pastor was described as a man of faith and integrity and will be deeply missed. Meanwhile, one driver involved in the accident has since been charged in relation to driving under the influence.

It may take some time for the family and the community to recover from this tragic loss. Sadly, things may never be the same following such a bereavement. It is possible that the family may choose to seek compensation if one of the other drivers is found to have been responsible for the fatal accident.

It is a difficult thing to have to think about, especially when you are grieving, but if you lose a loved one as the result of someone else's negligence, you might want to file a wrongful death claim. If successful, you might receive compensation, making it easier to cover the various costs associated with such a loss, such as funeral expenses and lost wages. An attorney may help you to understand your options and assist you as you pursue justice and remuneration for your loss.

Source: The Christian Post, "Youth Pastor and Family Killed in Six-Car Pile-Up; 'He Loved God and Loved People,' Head Pastor Says," Sami K. Martin, Oct. 6, 2014

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