New program aims to curb teen drunk driving

Getting your first license is a major milestone in life. As a teen, you’ve been yoked to your parents for your entire life and so a license becomes a symbol of freedom and independence. Driving test day is almost a rite of passage that signals a teen’s first step into the adult world. Unfortunately, many teens are not ready for this next step and car accidents can often happen as a result.

Yes, part of growing up is being allowed to make mistakes, but there are some mistakes whose consequences are so severe that the teen will never recover. Many think that texting and driving is perfectly acceptable and many have paid for that misconception with their lives.

Some teens also might think that getting behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks isn’t going to hurt anyone. Or they know they have to get home by curfew so they take the risk and drive intoxicated. Most feel invincible even when they have no reason to. In fact, roughly seven teens die every day in car accidents in the United States and statistics show that their chances of dying in a car crash multiply by 17 when they drive drunk.

Whatever the reason, the results can be absolutely devastating — for the teen, his or her family and anyone else involved in the accident. So, what can be done to curb these crashes?

In Baltimore, children are taking classes that let them feel what it’s like to drive drunk. Teens don special glasses that blur vision and are asked to navigate a course in a car. At the end, they are asked to sign an anti-drunk driving pledge.

If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving teen, contacting a Kentucky attorney may be your best course of action to get the compensation you deserve.

Source:, “New Simulation Allows Teen Motorists To Experience Driving Drunk,” Meghan McCorkell, June 8, 2014

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