Kentucky teen driving fatalities among worst in the country

Getting your first driver's license is a huge deal. It's a rite of passage for most American teens. It's a symbol of freedom and independence from one's parents and it offers a chance to leave the nest for the first time. Unfortunately, many teens are not ready for the responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle. It's a new skill with a steep learning curve and severe penalties for failure.

Some don't grasp the seriousness of it or they make one tragic mistake by driving drunk and their family ends up with a wrecked car, medical costs or even funeral expenses. And sometimes it's not just the teen's family that suffers. Poor decisions on the teen's part can lead to damage to other people's property and even fatalities, leaving the victim's family to suffer the consequences of the negligence of another.

For Kentucky drivers, this threat is even more real. A new study shows that Kentucky ranks very high in the country in teen car accident fatalities per licensed teen driver, even though the state has one of the lowest percentages of teenagers with driver's licenses. The study examined many factors in determining which states were the safest when it came to teen drivers, among them average cost of repairs, DUI laws and how many teens drive in the state. When it took those factors into account, the Bluegrass State came in 15th overall.

Authorities say that the biggest problem for teenage drivers is texting and driving. Many teens have smartphones and don't realize how dangerous it can be to use them while driving.

If you've been the victim of a negligent teen driver, a Kentucky attorney may be able to help you recover damages from the crash.

Source:, "Report ranks Kentucky among worst for teen driving deaths," Tanner Hesterberg, June 19, 2014

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