Kentucky hit-and-run accident still haunts victim's family

Out of all motor vehicle accidents, perhaps the most heartbreaking is the hit-and-run. It's difficult for families to lose a loved one in a car crash due to the negligence of another driver, but it's even harder when they don't know who did it. Families want answers to help them find closure, but sometimes with hit-and-runs, there are none to be found.

One family is still mourning their father and searching for his killer after his pickup truck was hit by an 18-wheeler in Kentucky in 2010. Four years later, police say they still have not arrested anyone and have no leads in the case. The man was driving back home after his son's graduation when his truck stalled around the town of Morehead. The truck was sideswiped by a passing tractor-trailer and he was killed.

Authorities have said that even if they knew the identity of the semi-truck driver, there may be no criminal case because of the way the accident occurred. That’s where the civil courts could do their work. If the family knew who their father’s killer was, they may have a case for a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages for funeral expenses and the pain and suffering that they have dealt with for the past four years.

Sadly that’s not the case here, but that doesn’t mean they are out of options. In cases like these, the insurance company is often in an adversarial position and will try to pay out as little as possible. A Kentucky attorney can fight for the rights of the victim’s family and may be able to get them the compensation they deserve.

Source:, “Son Remembers Father Killed in Mysterious Hit-and-Run Four Years Ago,” Rebekah Pewitt, May 26, 2014

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