Fiery tractor-trailer crash kills cab driver

It is the last thing anyone wants to have happen and it shocks us all when it does. A horrific, fiery car-truck collision resulted in a taxi driver losing her life. The 54-year-old woman was driving on a bridge when she came to a stop and was hit from behind by the tractor-trailer. There was no passenger with her at the time of the accident. The driver of the tractor-trailer suffered minor injuries.

The accident also resulted in traffic being backed up for miles due to lane closures. It is not known what specifically caused the accident and the investigation into the accident is ongoing. Though not much is known yet about the accident, there are some things that can be safely guessed, such as how painful and difficult this may be for the family of the cab driver.

While this tragedy occurred in Boston, grief stemming from these sorts of accidents knows no state boundaries. The family of the cab driver may be left reeling with dealing not only with the loss of someone they loved, but the horrifying way in which it happened. On top of all that, they may now feel overwhelmed with funeral costs and other expenses related to her loss. The situation can feel as if it is more than they can bear. Those individuals do not have to face it all alone.

Whether in Boston or in Kentucky, when bad things happen, there is sometimes a legal remedy to help ease some of the burden. This can come in the form of seeking justice and in seeking compensation in order to cover the financial burdens. Kentucky law provides for these options, so family members can justly utilize them to help ease their suffering and burdens resulting from such tragic events.

Source: CBS, “Fiery Zakim Bridge Truck Chelsea Cab Driver,” April 21, 2014

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