Accident involving 4 big rig trucks kills 2

As a motorist, it’s not unusual to see multiple 18-wheelers traveling on the interstate with you. We usually speed up or maneuver a bit to avoid driving next to them but other than that, we do not pay them particular attention. That is, until tragedy strikes. Sometimes, a truck accident happens that demands notice and can put the lives of all others on the road at risk.

Recently, four big rig trucks were involved in an accident that tied up traffic for miles and killed two people. It is believed that when traffic became congested, one truck driver failed to stop and that resulted in his truck rear-ending one ahead of him. As often happens in congested traffic, a chain reaction was triggered that resulted in two other big rigs then becoming involved in the pileup. One trailer came unhitched and crashed to the ground below the bridge at the accident scene, while another truck caught on fire.

Two people in one of the affected trucks were killed in the accident. All others involved suffered only minor injuries. Breathalyzer tests were administered and showed negative results for all the drivers involved. Police note that they did not find any hazardous materials in any of the trucks.

For Kentucky residents, a multivehicle crash like this can be a frightening thing that can cause irreparable harm to property and lives. When people are injured and killed in trucking accidents the grief can be staggering. The medical and funeral expenses can be staggering, as well. Fortunately, the law provides a means for victims and their families to seek both justice and compensation for the financial burden they face as a result of tractor-trailer accidents.

Source: WWLTV, “Accident involving four 18-wheelers kills two near Baton Rouge,” May 3, 2014

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