Driver blows 0.243 BAC after hitting parked cars in Louisville

In an effort not to be caught driving while intoxicated, too many drivers hastily depart an accident scene. It's difficult to quantify with certainty how many hit-and-runs are drunk driving accidents, since not all drivers are apprehended in time to be tested for blood-alcohol content levels. Still, anecdotal evidence shows that in a large proportion of cases in which the drivers are apprehended early enough, their blood-alcohol level is shown to be above Kentucky's legal limit for driving.

This happened on a recent night in Louisville, shortly after 1 a.m., when a 44-year-old man driving an SUV crashed into a number of parked vehicles and just kept going. Apparently he didn't realize or perhaps didn't care that the impact had been hard enough that his front right wheel had fallen off. He simply continued driving on three wheels, with sparks flying as the vehicle made contact with the road. 

Hearing the crash, a witness investigated and was able to provide the vehicle's make and model for the police. The witness also saw the damage to the vehicle. Further investigation led law enforcement officers to the 3-wheeled SUV parked behind a house on the same road, and the owner of the house led police to the driver inside.

The officers said the man appeared unstable and smelled of alcohol. Later, at the booking facility, a blood-alcohol test was administered, showing that his BAC was 0.243 percent, more than three times the limit. Now he faces not only a charge for drunk driving but also one for leaving the crash site.

In this case, it is fortunate that no one was injured or killed as a result of what appears to be a flagrant case of DUI. Those who have been injured by drunk drivers have a right to seek compensation for damages. Negligent and reckless driving too often result in immense losses for victims, and there are legal avenues to justice beyond criminal court. 

Source: WAVE 3 News, "Man charged with DUI hit-and-run," Charles Gazaway, March 28, 2014

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