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Kentucky child dead from hit-and-run accident

The death of a child is every parent's worst nightmare. It’s the thing parents can make themselves crazy trying to avoid by setting boundaries and teaching their children how to be safe. Sometimes, no matter how careful parents are, no matter how much they have taught their children, an avoidable tragedy takes place. Sometimes the unthinkable happens and a child's life is abruptly taken when it may have been prevented had another acted responsibly.   Absolutely nothing could be worse than dealing with the sort of grief parents may feel, and there is no way to understand it unless it has been experienced personally. Such is the tragic case for one Louisville family after their precious 5-year-old son was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The boy was on the sidewalk when he was struck. He died later at a hospital.

Authorities say speed a factor in fatal motorcycle wreck

Motorcyclists are generally aware of the higher risk of injury in the event of a crash. Less protection around the body means a greater chance that a collision will result in a trip to the hospital. While focusing too much on the possibility of injury can certainly diminish the joy of riding on the open road, risk of injury is a reality motorcyclists confront whenever they get on their bikes. For one Kentucky man's family, that reality has become all too harsh. On April 13, a 53-year-old Debord man was killed after losing control of his bike and hitting a guardrail. He was going around a curve at the time, and the local sheriff's office indicated that speed was likely a factor. Authorities were still investigating at the time of a news report.

Head-on collision takes child's life in Pike County

In a perfect world, there would be no risk involved with necessary activities. Driving to work or taking your children to school would be a simple task, and there would be no fear of unimaginable tragedy. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and a wrongful death can irrevocably alter a family's life in an instant.

Driver blows 0.243 BAC after hitting parked cars in Louisville

In an effort not to be caught driving while intoxicated, too many drivers hastily depart an accident scene. It's difficult to quantify with certainty how many hit-and-runs are drunk driving accidents, since not all drivers are apprehended in time to be tested for blood-alcohol content levels. Still, anecdotal evidence shows that in a large proportion of cases in which the drivers are apprehended early enough, their blood-alcohol level is shown to be above Kentucky's legal limit for driving.

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