Police arrest Lexington party-goer for hit and run

Why do hit-and-run drivers flee? Sometimes they leave the scene because they are intoxicated and don't want to get arrested. Or the maybe the hit-and-run driver doesn't have a valid license. Other drivers flee the scene because they are in possession of an illegal substance. And still others have committed parole violations and don't want to return to prison.

In any case, Kentucky authorities rightfully take hit-and-run accidents very seriously. Unfortunately, too often the people who pay the biggest price for a hit-and-run crash are the victims who have been hit.

Police say that a party at a Lexington home recently escalated into an altercation, and a 21-year-old party-goer drove his vehicle into a fellow reveller. The driver didn't wait or check on the condition of the victim, but instead fled the scene. The victim received medical attention and survived the incident.

Lexington police arrested the suspected hit-and-run driver a short while later for driving through a red traffic light. Law enforcement officers established the connection between the driver and the party incident, and also charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license and being in possession of marijuana. 

An accident victim harmed by a hit-and-run crime has a right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. A claim for punitive damages can be added to such a lawsuit.

To maximize the compensation you can receive in a personal injury case, it is a good idea meet with an attorney with experience in calculating the full cost of damages, now and in the future. 

Source: LEX18.com, "Man Arrested After Hit And Run Accident," Feb. 23, 2014

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