Rollover crash leaves 3 injured, 1 requiring an airlift

A car accident on the other side of the Indiana-Kentucky border left three people injured and required two of them to be hospitalized in Louisville. The police are investigating the wreck and will hope to have some answers soon.

Only a couple of details have leaked out regarding the car accident at this time. It is known that some sort of debris was in the middle of the road, and a vehicle tried to get around the obstacle. However, that driver lost control of her car. The vehicle rolled over and one of the passengers, a 15-year-old, was tossed from the vehicle. The teenager was airlifted to a local hospital, while two who were complaining of back pain were taken to Louisville hospitals.

This accident only involved one vehicle, but it could have easily involved multiple vehicles. Rollover accidents that involve numerous vehicles are especially dangerous, as the injuries that the people inside the vehicles can suffer range from spinal and head injuries, to debilitating harm to their core and lower body. Rollover accidents toss the riders around in unexpected directions, even if they are wearing a seatbelt.

And speaking of seatbelts, one of the other details from this crash is that numerous seatbelts were not in use when the crash occurred. It's another reminder for everyone on the road to buckle up when you drive or are riding in a car. If an accident occurs, it could save your life. And, on a more intricate note, lacking seatbelt use can be referenced by your insurers as a reason to increase your rates in the wake of a crash.

Source: WHAS11, "3 injured, teen airlifted, following Crawford Co. accident," Jan. 2, 2013

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