Kentucky car accident involves 3 vehicles, swerving driver

Five people had to be airlifted to a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky after a terrible (and avoidable) three-car accident. One of the cars involved sparked the crash after the driver was operating his vehicle in a negligent manner. The 33-year-old swerved across the center line "more than 10 times" according to police before finally colliding head-on with a vehicle in the opposing lane of traffic.

The vehicle that was struck eventually spun off and hit another car before finally coming to a stop when it hit a tree. The five people who were injured varied in age and condition, but the photos accompanying our source article show brutal the car accident really was.

According to other reports, the driver of the swerving vehicle was behind the wheel with a suspended license, adding to his irresponsible and reckless behavior.

So the question now is what caused the 33-year-old to swerve all over the road? Many people will initially think that he was drunk or intoxicated in some way, which is a fair conclusion to jump too given the details of the story. Driving drunk or while under the influence of drugs is staggeringly negligent. Why people are compelled to do it, we'll never know -- but drunk driving accidents keep happening and innocent people keep getting hurt.

There is another possibility here, and that is that the 33-year-old was texting while driving (or using his cellphone in some way). In Kentucky, there are small monetary fines for committing this offense. But it qualifies as negligent driving and, like drunk driving, can make someone liable for the damages and injuries they cause in an accident.

Source: Durant Democrat, "Five flown to Louisville following head-on crash," Matt Lasley, Jan. 13, 2014

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