Fatal car accidents decline across Kentucky in 2013

Car accident fatalities declined in 2013 across Kentucky, according to a recent news report. The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety reported that the total number of traffic fatalities dropped by more than 100 from 2012 to 2013. While that is great news, this trend did not hold true here in Jefferson County.

In Jefferson County, we actually experienced a 33 percent increase in car accident fatalities in 2013. The commander of the Louisville Metro Police traffic unit has stated that the failure to use seatbelts and other safety devices, as well as distracted driving and speeding, is linked to the spike in traffic fatalities. 

Statewide, Kentucky posted the fewest fatalities since the year 1949, according the the Office of Highway Safety. Part of this success has been the increased usage of seatbelts, the office claims.

While it is encouraging to see that more and more drivers in Kentucky are being responsible behind the wheel, there were still 635 traffic fatalities last year, and that is 635 too many.

The majority of fatal car accidents are avoidable. When drivers are sober, and when they follow traffic rules, pay attention to the roads and keep their vehicles in good repair, their chances of getting into an auto accident are reduced dramatically.

Hopefully, in 2014 Kentucky's drivers will do even better than in 2013, particularly those here in Jefferson County. There is no excuse to be irresponsible behind the wheel. Those who make poor and negligent decisions when driving risk their own lives and those of others.

Source: WFPL "Kentucky 2013 Roadway Fatalities Show 64-Year Low, Jefferson County An Exception," Devin Katayama, Jan. 9, 2014

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