Man falls out of truck, sustains head injury in rear-end crash

When a person is riding in a vehicle, there is some expectation that there are safety features in place to help minimize the effects of a crash. Sometimes, though, these measures may simply be inadequate. A recent accident involving has Kentucky State Police asking questions.

According to reports, a woman was driving on the highway, following a truck that contained a mowing crew. As the vehicles were in motion, the woman rear ended the truck. The force of the collision caused a member of the mowing crew to fall out of the vehicle. As a result of the crash, the man suffered head injuries, but they are not considered life threatening.

As time passes, the full extent of the man's injuries will likely become clear. Knowing the circumstances behind the crash, there is a chance that the injuries could have produced permanent brain damage, which could impact cognitive and motor functions.

Authorities conducted an investigation immediately after the accident occurred. Not only will it be crucial to determine what caused the woman to rear end the truck, but it will be important to find out why the worker fell out of the truck. Too many passengers in the vehicle or improper safety restraints could have contributed to the incident.

In this incident, the accident victim may be able seek compensation for his injuries, but first it may be important to determine the full range of legal options. If the driver in the other vehicle demonstrated negligence and caused the rear-end accident, then she could become the subject of a personal injury claim.

Additionally, the worker's employer may also share in responsibility for the accident. If they failed to provide proper restraints in the vehicle, then it may be worthwhile to determine if a legal claim against the employer would also be viable.

Source: WAVE News, "Mowing crew worker falls from truck in motor vehicle accident," Charles Gazaway and Sarah Eisenmenger, Oct. 14, 2013

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