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Simple steps found to reduce risky driving among teenagers

For high school students, few things are more exciting than earning the privilege to drive. At the same time, however, teenage drivers have a reputation for making less-than-proactive decisions while behind the wheel. Even momentary slips in judgment can have very serious consequences.

Man falls out of truck, sustains head injury in rear-end crash

When a person is riding in a vehicle, there is some expectation that there are safety features in place to help minimize the effects of a crash. Sometimes, though, these measures may simply be inadequate. A recent accident involving has Kentucky State Police asking questions.

Bus accident in Louisville sends 12 to the hospital

Many people opt to take public transportation because it is cost effective and convenient. At the same time, many people expect to be safe aboard a bus because drivers generally must meet certain qualifications in order to work in mass transit. Still, bus accidents can and do happen.

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