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Brain injury victims see gaps in recovery based on access to care

Getting involved in a serious accident can change a person's life in a matter of moments. This may be particularly true if a person suffers a brain injury. However, as medical professionals gain a better understanding of how to treat brain injuries, accident victims are benefiting from the progress they might be able to make.

Federal court reaffirms trucking regulations for driver fatigue

Highways are often filled with tractor trailers hauling freight across the country. In an effort to meet deadlines, truck drivers may be tempted to spend as many hours on the road as possible. Although this may be a way to boost productivity, driving too many hours creates a safety risk for everyone on the road.

When can a wrongful death suit be filed for a bus accident?

Sending a child to school on a bus may be hard for some parents. However, parents trust that bus drivers will exercise the caution necessary to ensure that the child arrives at school and back home safely. Unfortunately, Kentucky parents' fears came true in October 2012 when a preschool bus veered off the road into a tree.

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