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5 Summer Driving Safety Hazards

With the amount of hazards that are associated with driving in the winter, you'd be surprised to hear that driving in the summer has its risks as well. From campers to constant road construction, here are the top five summer driving hazards that you should keep your eyes out for on the road.

Don't buy into the hype: Tiny cars are dangerous

Perhaps if you were driving in Europe, where most of the cars are smaller than the vehicles in the United States, a tiny car would be just as safe as a larger car. However, in this country, small cars are being pitted against huge sport utility vehicles and large sedans that are heavier and exponentially bigger than compact cars. These big cars can crush a small vehicle causing catastrophic injuries and death to the occupants.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the improved economy in the United States has fueled more driving on the roads, which has resulted in a rise in deadly motor vehicle crashes. The IIHS also found, by looking at federal crash data from 2012 to 2015, smaller cars didn't do anything to increase the safety of their drivers or occupants over larger vehicles. In fact, people riding in smaller cars -- as one might expect -- were much more vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries and death in the event of a collision.

3 Mini Road Trips - and How to Stay Safe During Them

Road trips are as American as apple pie. Many people have made history on road trips, like Jack Kerouac in his famous book, On the Road. If you've always wanted to share this quintessentially American experience, but you don't have much time to spare, consider taking one of these 3 mini road trips to experience the freedom of the open road.

Explaining an ignition interlock device in Kentucky

Kentucky has strict laws governing driving under the influence (DUI), protecting victims of these incidents and sometimes tragic accidents. For those who have been charged with DUI, there is a device known as the ignition interlock that tests the alcohol level of the driver prior to driving a vehicle. This is a deterrent for repeat offenses and a method to protect innocent victims.

This device is installed in the vehicle of someone charged with DUI in an effort to prevent drunk driving in the future. The driver must blow air into the device and if alcohol is found in your system, the ignition will lock and not allow the vehicle to start. The first time the driver blows into the device, the ignition will lock for a handful of minutes. If the driver needs to blow into the device subsequent times, the lockout period extends.

1 Simple Rule to Safe Summer Driving

Most people have taken a driver's education class of some kind. Whether it's prior to getting a driver's license or after getting a ticket, driving classes offer a wealth of information on how to drive safely and defensively to avoid accidents. These can include things like how much distance you should leave between you and the vehicle in front of you to tips for appropriately navigating through roundabouts to how to drive in adverse weather conditions.

Debunking common motorcycle myths

Riding a motorcycle on the roads of Kentucky can be breathtaking and scary all at once. Even if you are the safest of riders, you don't know how others around you will react when seeing a motorcycle. Before you head out on another adventure, take a look at some common motorcycle myths that have been debunked.

One of the most common myths is that a full-face helmet will restrict your line of vision when operating a motorcycle. This is false due to the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT requires all helmet manufacturers to provide riders with a 210-foot field of view when making full-face helmets. The field of view is so large that your peripheral vision will not be blocked by the helmet.

Is Social Media Affecting Your Driving?

Distracted driving has become a well-known issue in recent years. The ubiquity of smartphones has made it so that drivers all over have their eyes glued to screens rather than on the road. You might think that distracted driving, while not a good idea, is nowhere near as bad as drunk driving. In fact, distracted driving may be worse. Studies show that using your phone while driving slows your reaction time by over three times as much as being drunk. The key to much of this distraction seems to be social media.

Crash response causes new collision on Kentucky road

Safe roads depend on mutual trust and respect between drivers, as well as the officers and support services that maintain order and function. Police and emergency services often take exceptional risk when responding to motor vehicle accidents; unfortunately, this haste can turn deadly just as distraction or reckless driving can on the road.

One crash led to another recently on a Kentucky highway when a state trooper was responding to a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. The trooper's car was distinguished with lights and siren, but a 63-year-old driver attempted to turn left off the highway as the trooper overtook him.

Truck accident involving Kentucky man kills 1

A truck accident in Ohio involving a Kentucky man killed one individual recently. The accident occurred on July 20 on SR 73 at around 5:30 am. The driver of a Chrysler 200 was killed in the crash. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Chrysler 200 drove left of center and collided with a tractor-trailer head-on.

The tractor-trailer was being driven by a man from Martha, Kentucky. The truck driver and a passenger in the truck escaped the accident uninjured. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that they don't believe alcohol or drugs played a role and that the crash is still being investigated.

How to spot a drunk driver in Kentucky

Drunk driving is a problem that millions of people face each year across the country. One drunk driver impacts everyone on the road around them and even pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. Law enforcement officials do their best to curb this issue, but the problem still exists. Here's how you can spot a drunk driver in Kentucky.

The most common sign of a drunk driver is when the vehicle being driven is weaving in and out of traffic. Along the same lines, a vehicle struggling to stay on the proper side of the center lines. These are indicative of a drunk driver, someone whose mental ability has been weakened.

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